The Best Welcome Gifts
For New Employees 

We get it. There's a lot on your to-do list when onboarding new employees. You need to worry about the important tasks like payroll paperwork and not stress over what to put in their gift box. If you're sending a gift to their door before the first day, you want to make it meaningful. This is the first impression. Here are three categories of gifts that are perfect to welcome your new team members. 

  • 1. Branded Gifts (aka Swag)
    We include minimal swag in our gifts boxes because your employees should not be a walking billboard. However, new employees are the exception! They need all the cool branded gear to set them up for the next few years. Some of our favorites are:
    - Socks
    - T-Shirt
    - Journal
    -  Pen
    - Backpack 

    All of these gifts are useful and they can proudly rep their new company. 
  • 2. Desk Accessories
    They're new to the job and need a desk refresh! Send them something that they can put on their desk to make it feel a little more cozy (especially if they are working in the office in a cubicle). Our recommendations are:
    - Succulent
    - Terracotta Grow Kit
    - Picture Frame
    - Stress Ball
    - Tech Kit 
  • 3. Something Tasty
    The best part of a gift is tearing right into it and enjoying it! Everything in the gift box doesn't have to be work related. Include a little something that they can enjoy immediately. This could be:
    - Chocolate Bar
    - Cookie (add your logo or a welcome message)
    - Tea/Coffee
    - Popcorn 

The last step in creating the perfect welcome box is the packaging! Include a notecard and tell them how excited you are for the big first day. When it comes to the actual box, we recommend a full-color printed mailer box or branded sticker on the outside. This ensures that they know they have an exciting gift in the mail from you. If you want to create the ultimate unboxing experience, we recommend printing a message inside of the box. A large majority of recipients will take a picture of it and share on LinkedIn. Bonus for you - brand awareness!

You've created the perfect box and now you need to make sure each employee receives one. What happens next?
You let our team handle all the details! With our corporate portal, you can login and request gifts as needed. Need 200 gifts sent each week? No problem. Upload a spreadsheet of addresses and our team will handle the rest. Need one gift sent each month? We can do it.
We understand that gifting is time sensitive and there are no room for errors. You will have a dedicated account representative that can answer questions at any time and always assist with ordering. Click below to start designing your custom gifts. 

New Employee Welcome Box

Example of a full color printed box. Imagine this showing up in your new employees mailboxes on their first day.
Pure excitement!