Kitting and Fulfillment
for Virtual Conferences

Nothing makes us happier than working with a client that our mission aligns with. We have fulfilled gift boxes for Step Up's digital summit, Step Up Together, for 2 years now. Step Up is a mentorship nonprofit providing the structure for girls (and those who identify with girlhood) to define their ideal destination and get there -- wherever that destination may be. Step Up provides free mentorship programs in person, online, and on demand that concentrate on supporting each teen along their journey.

Step Up Together is a digital summit which means attendees build a schedule online and access content both live and when it's convenient for them. The summit can be accessed from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer! What about conference swag though? What about gifts from sponsors? This is where we come in. At the heart of Corporate Gift Co., we are a logistics company. We excel at logistics and making sure gifts go from point A to B to C. 

  • Storage 
     When planning a conference, we understand that sponsors will give out "swag" or promotional materials. Corporate Gift Co. is your home base for this! You give your sponsors our warehouse address. Sponsors will ship products to our team. Once received we count, quality check, and store until kitting starts.  
  • Kitting 
    Many of our clients include branded swag and conference necessities (chocolate and coffee please!) along with sponsored materials. We source all of this for you and provide a final proof of the box. Once you confirm the box contents, it's time to put it all together! We work with you to design gift wrapping within your budget. This can be as simple as a white mailer box or a luxury magnetic box with your logo debossed. 
  • Fulfillment 
    The last step is fulfillment. We can send the boxes to one location (if the conference is in person), multiple home addresses, or a mixture of both. You send us a spreadsheet with addresses or we provide a form to collect the information from attendees. It's that easy! Attendees can be located in one city, or all across the world. We ship internationally and provide you with all tracking information once shipped. 

When is comes to contents and packaging, the options are truly endless. Each project is different! If you have an upcoming conference or event and want stress free gift management - reach out to our team. We'll set up a time to talk through all the logistics with you.